Probably The Next Axie Infinity!!! : altcoin

Probably The Next Axie Infinity!!! : altcoin


AXS : The most popular gaming token in the crypto industry has surged alot lately, Investors think gaming will have a big hand in cryptocurrencies.Axie Infinity (AXS) has grown 97278.3% in the current year.There are numerous numbers of cryptocurrencies, it’s hard to find which one can blow up in the future.

Here is a new coin that i have found which can surge like axie infinity in the near future. The coin is known as : Alien Worlds (TLM)

TLM : A token which had a launchpad on binance, currently sitting at roughly 20 cents per coin with a market capital of 182,000,000 (182 Million Dollars), Had a great pump right after the launch on binance, It peaked a price of 7 Dollars, right after the price crashed down to 6 cents, it’s now starting to go back up again.

Technical Analysis : The chart of TLM on a weekly/monthly is forming a double top pattern which is a bullish pattern as you can see, we can see the price surge to above 50 cents which is more than 250% increase in the price.


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