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Overview of what is ROBO INU FINANCE. Enjoy guys!
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What is Robo Inu Finance is all about?

• Inspired by NASA’s initiative that “Robotic Dogs May Soon Be Heading to Mars.” technology-driven by the community. To promote transparency, allows users to pay, receive, withdraw or transfer money from one place to another without going through a broker. ROBO INU FINANCE was born with a vision to build an open ecosystem for everyone regardless of their age or background to gain financial freedom.

The future of crypto payment & blockchain technology.

• Unlocking a new world with faster, more secure, and more decentralized systems. • With many years of research and experience in the fintech/payment gateway industry, they want to focus and build a new ground-breaking platform which will facilitate affordable, smooth and ethical financial transactions globally with high security – anytime and anywhere.

Challenges within the payment gateway industry that the world of cryptocurrency is facing.

• Third-party (Brooker) who facilitates fund transactions will soon be replaced. • The blockchain will adopt a decentralized approach with simple, yet more advanced technology. This may lead to more risks involved and an increase in fraud, especially in a large volume of individual transactions. • You can purchase a digital asset quickly but you might not be able to get a refund without a broker or third party to guarantee the transaction.

Solutions that ROBO INU FINANCE is trying to build.

• u/RoboInuFinance will build a platform to ensure fairness as well as reliability between the digital asset transactions amongst individuals through an integrated smart contract. • This platform will also be able to facilitate the transfer of cross-border funds. • Individuals can leverage blockchain innovation to convert cryptocurrency into cash. • Transfer money to their loved ones who reside in different countries and continents. • Buyers & Sellers will work together using smart contracts built on the Robo Inu Finance platform where fraud in the cryptocurrency world or payment gateway will be eliminated.

The ecosystem.

• #RoboWallet – A personal wallet that has the ability to store all currencies, also has the ability to bridge different cross-chain networks with the lowest fee, the ability to cross-border fund transfer and the ability to hold collectibles. • #RoboLaunchpad – An incubator for potential projects with real user cases. All these projects are checked and moderated by the Robo Inu Finance team comprised of ex-google developers and individuals with more than 10 years of experience in the world of cryptocurrency. There is a guarantee that no scam projects will be released on the Robolauncpad. • #RoboNFTMarketplace – A high-valued digital asset exchange which has daily auctions (NFT products) integrated with the RoboWallet where you can own any digital asset value with just a click of a mouse.

Tokenomics • Ticker: $RBIF (ERC-20) • Total Supply: 100,000,000,000,000,000 Buying Tax: 4% • 1% Reward Holders • 3% Marketing Wallet Selling Tax: 10% • 3% Reward Holders • 7% Marketing

Overview of the tokenomics: • Burned upon launching: 40% • Add to Uniswap: 40% • Marketing & Products: 10% • Fund to join NASA Mission: 5% • Charity Donation: 5%

Robo Ventures establishment. • To ensure the community’s interests are well taken care of, ROBO VENTURES will be established and incorporated when they hit 50,000 holders. The purpose of ROBO Ventures is to help holders earn money by holding $RBIF tokens. Robo Ventures strives to invest in Spacex and TSLA so that holders can earn a portion of profits by holding the token even if a bear market hits us.

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