Reasons why MCB is a 100x coin from this point : altcoin

Reasons why MCB is a 100x coin from this point : altcoin


First and foremost perpetual derivative market is huge and if it’s decentralized like MCB and on L2 like arbitrum there can not be anything better than that! having said that here is my quick wirte up on why i think we will see 100x on MCB sooner than anyone thinks:

  • Currently MCB is not on any exchange. But MCB has an AMA on Sep 16th with okex one of biggest exchanges out there.; Interestingly, they are not listed there yet so there is big possibility of the listing or atleast an announcement to be listed there. Moreover, they recently got approval from community votes to hire a renowned agency which helps coins get listed on coinbase. They paid pretty big amount of money to them for this purpose. If they are targeting coinbase all other exchanges like binance. Kukoin, kraken etc will be easier and will follow. Everyone knows what happens when the coins get listed on big exchanges (more reach more volume) It’s just a matter of time for this low cap decentralized perpetuals on arbitrum to go big. Very few decentralized perpetual coins are in the market and on arbitrum L2. Arbitrum’s total value locked is increasing exponentially since it’s launch in Sep (please google). Many people don’t understand the potential yet or don’t know about this coin yet but they’ll after this reaches 100x which will take it to 10 billion market cap. When joke coins like doge can go to 35 billion, 10B is not impossible.

-Liquidity mining/ transaction mining and staking is going live giving more incentives to traders/holders. Starting with MCB/dodo pool then MCB/balancer pool and lots of others coming live.

– They have big big VC backing them like delphi digital, multiicoin capital etc. and partners are growing fast!. Please refer to their website and scroll down to see: .

– they are very cheap relative to other competitors like perp, dydx. Total value locked on MCB is increasing massively day by day since arbitrum launch. It’s just a matter of time!!!


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