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About 2 weeks old and already on CMC and CG, Lilly Finance token has so far delivered everything as promised.

Because of its popularit, there are many fake contracts out there, so only buy the LILLY token via contract published on their official website @

Lilly Finance is paired with Eth and is available to trade on Uniswap. Over 8.000 holders at the moment of writing this post.

Current marketcap is sitting just above 20M, after reaching over 100M marketcap and went into few days consolidation (which is quite healthy imho).

Why is Lilly different from other coins out there?

  1. It is the first medical / healthcare focused token. The first child surgery is already confirmed, taking place at the end of march.

  2. With buying Lilly, you are directly involved in the process of helping children get their much needed care (1% of every tnx goes to the Lilly Foundation).

  3. There are 3% reflection (rewards to holders at every tnx).

  4. 2% of every tnx is burned.

  5. Liquidity is locked for 5 years!

  6. Both Lilly Finance and the Lilly Foundation are registered business (LLC), with doxxed devs who show their faces and regulary do twitter AMA’s updating their holders on current works, future plans and answering peoples questions.

  7. Strong team of more than 10 devs.

  8. Exchanges have been applied to, and we are currently in the application process with 4 centralized exchanges. Listings are going to happend any day now.

  9. Their roadmap is great, plans are big, and they don’t hype things, but instead announce news when it’s done.

The name Lilly is the name of the founders daughter (Lillian Bay). The father, the owner, Brad Beatty, decided to launch the 1st coin that will help children who are unable to get the much needed care due to inssurance policies. Helping children via cryptocurrency.

Brad is emotionally driven, because Lilly was also sick as a child and they couldn’t get her the help she needed at the time. Good people came and finally made surgery for Lilly possible. Lilly is a healthy child now thanks to them. Brad wishes to do the same now, and make healthcare possible to those children who are in the same situation as Lilly used to be. This is #LillyFinance


I haven’t been paid for this post, I am just a proud holder who deeply believes in this project. LILLY FINANCE is young, but I have a feeling that a very bright future is ahead, and that many children will get help because of this project and the investors. HODL LILLY


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