Ripple appoints former Mastercard executive, as managing director for Europe

Ripple appoints former Mastercard executive, as managing director for Europe


Amidst its rapid worldwide expansion, Ripple lab has brought Sendi Young into its executive team.

Who is Sendi Young?

Sendi Young has previously served at global payment giant Mastercard. In her five years term at the company, Sendi held multiple vital roles ranging from management to strategic. She assisted Mastercard to explore and succeed with Bank-fintech partnerships, commercialization, and general business development.

In addition to that, she recently led Mastercard’s Fintech & Digital Segment globally for its Data & Services business, and through providing relevant services to the banks she enabled them to exercise real-time payments.

Sendi’s Role at Ripple:

At Ripple Sendi would be acting as the managing director of Ripple’s European operations. In the announcement blog post Ripple stated that as a managing director Sendi will “oversee” the expansion of RippleNet; Ripple’s global financial network technology.

RippleNet is a Blockchain-based payment network that, through API, enables institutions to make cheap and secure instantaneous payments.

Addressing her role at Ripple Sendi stated:

“However, the underlying payments and banking infrastructure remain an obstacle to frictionless value exchange across borders and inclusion. I firmly believe that blockchain and crypto will be a game-changer to enhance today’s finance, by addressing its core inefficiencies”

Ripple’s Expansion in Europe:

According to the post, during the current year, Ripple has gone through substantial growth in Europe. Since the dawn of the year 2021, the RippleNet’s ODL[on demand liquidity] transaction has grown by 250% in the continent. Resultantly, now 40% of RippleNet’s aggregated ODL transactions are hosted by the European countries.

Lastly, despite the critical losses that Ripple has borne due to the SEC lawsuit, it has continued to grow globally. Ripple does not only have a significant presence in Europe, rather, but it is also a major market player in Asia too.


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