Short-Squeeze on $Aquarius Defi right now!! (Stellar/XLM Blockchain) : altcoin

Short-Squeeze on $Aquarius Defi right now!! (Stellar/XLM Blockchain) : altcoin


Aquairus :

Vulnerable treasuries located on Stellar blockchain, Aquarius Defi ecosystem right now. Treasuries controlling over $1.76mill in TVL( and over 70% of daily rewards allocation pillaging money from the Aquarius ecosystem (explained in gov proposal 22).

The vulnerable treasuries in the Aquarius ecosystem employ the bribe-as-funding tokenomics model. Bribe-as-funding treasuries with no inherent value ($Aqua derivative, yield-play asset with poorly managed tokenomics) right now are controlling the majority of the reward system, but are keeping all their holding’s off $Aqua, and the TVL for their liquidity pools are also all held off $Aqua. They are currently assuming none of the risk of holding the reward and governance token, while reaping the monopoly of reward (and selling). But this makes them weak to a governance overthrowal.

The Aquarius Governance proposal is a mechanism to test who controls the Aquarius ecosystem direction. Governance Proposal 22 will indirectly disable bribe-as-fund tokenomics model, by incentivising liquidity providers to support $Aqua liquidity pools and will cause a liquidation event in the bribe-as-funding liquidity pools.

If we can generate the support to vote “For” Proposal 22,

– we vote for a stronger fundamental economic system to support the Stellar blockchain for the future

– we vote for these vulnerable treasuries, who have taken over the Aquarius ecosystem and taken value from the holder, to give it all back, for a premium

– we will have effectively short-squeezed all the Ponzi’s out of the ecosystem and future proofing the Stellar DEX.

I am creator of this proposal. This proposal would financially benefit me if it were to pass. I believe that there is a lot of value that needs to be rotated back into hand the $Aqua holders who power the ecosystem and whole Stellar DEX. I believe that if we can generate a minimum of a 5% vote threshold, everybody who helped vote “For” the proposal would earn from this opportunity, just by voting.

Opportunity Size:

Vote ends in 6 days (strict deadline) – ( )

Current Aqua Price: $0.0063 ( )

5% required voting threshold – 184,000,000 aqua = $1,200,000 usdc minimum vote required ( )

TVL in vulnerable liquidity pools = roughly $1,760,000 usdc in value. ( )

Scenario 1: Half of vulnerable TVL is converted into $Aqua for aqua pairs, as an only means to survive for these treasuries. $880,000 swapped back into $Aqua at current market price in one transaction would push the price from 0.0063 to 0.0117 (85% gain) (

Scenario 2: All of vulnerable TVL is converted into $Aqua because the bribe-as-funding tokenomics model broke and all $Aqua value is returned back to ecosystem. $1,760,000 swapped back into $Aqua in one transaction would push the price from 0.0063 to 0.0171 (171% gain) ( )

The $Aqua price is likely to go higher if we generate a wave of support for the proposal with more voters bringing new value to the ecosystem and forcing these vulnerable treasuries to liquidate into $Aqua at even higher prices.

The earlier the new supports comes to vote “for” the proposal, the better price they will be buying into the short-squeeze investment.

Ethical Dilemma

These vulnerable treasuries are run with poor economic principals/financial managers. The treasuries do not have the durability to withstand a black swan event and will eventually blow up, with a lot more catastrophic financial loss. This is the community coming together to enact new financial standards to protect all the investors capital on the Stellar Blockchain for the future.

Please support Prop 22 so we can return all the value back to the $Aqua holders.

The Stellar Wallet you need to vote is the Lobstr phone app located in most phone software store.


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