Spywolf $SPY | Educating crypto investors while rewarding them at the same time. That is $SPY That is #SPYWOLF. Great video by @PoeticPlumber on SpyWolf’s utilities! Absolutely awesome job! : altcoin


The $SPY token


Created by SpyWolf, an auditing company, $SPY token is aimed to eliminate monetary fraud in the crypto space and help investors gain their trust back through an ecosystem of helpful resources.

We had HUGE success on our presale (500BNB) and launched in november 9th!


We are officially a security partner of PINKSALE and are working on some great partnerships as we speak.

Our Token Utilities

  • Scam investigation team (24/7) going after scammers worldwide and pursue legal action with a network of lawyers

  • Bounty program for information on scams paid in tokens

  • SpyWolf Network portal ( displaying potential/known scams, safe projects on a daily basis)

  • “Scam Survivor” charity that rewards you for past scams every week

  • Project audits that sends a % of the profits back into the LP

Many more to come!

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