SUBX’s answer to token utility, you will not believe how much utility there is. : altcoin

SUBX’s answer to token utility, you will not believe how much utility there is. : altcoin


The Startup & Entrepreneurship Empowerment Focus:

Listed on CoinGecko, SUBX is a token that was developed with an objective to empower startups and SMEs around the world.

They do so by:

  1. Providing startup founders and aspiring entrepreneurs with Apps that will help them succeed in their journey

2) Set up a Venture Capital Fund as part of their tax to fund high-impact startups, and all loan payback or dividend from these startups will be used to buy back SUBX tokens and burnt in the open market. These startups will also give back to the community through regular sharing and mentorships.




Trustworthy Project:

The project is a company that is registered and incorporated in Singapore, adding to the list of credentials that they already have. The team has locked up their wallet and liquidity pool. This Is a long-term project with great application, making it really high in utility, definitely worth taking a look at. The team is fully doxed and have already conducted numerous sessions of live-streamed AMA.


SUBX Software Card
Yearly business-essential software subscription at affordable price for startup companies to get access to.

Launchpad X
Empower yourself with the ability to raise capital by launching your own token on the blockchain.

Ecosystem Apps

Apps that SUBX created for their community to provide value for their hodlers. SUBX holders can always access these apps for free. Purchase and hold SUBX to get started!


Contract: 0x5232152c8207653aeda5baa0ff7fb1046c23c753


Locked LP:




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