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Market Overview

It was a tough month in the crypto markets with sentiment at Extreme Fear and the market falling by 20% over the last 30 days.

It has to be said that the market weakness shows no sign of abating. That makes picking winners virtually impossible in the short term. To counter this negative sentiment we must continue to buy on weakness and hold our favorite projects until the market turns. The time will come, but the flight must be to quality. That buy and hold approach is not going to work with overvalued memecoins and projects with no fundamentals and users. Avoid new projects that have anonymous teams and triple check OHM forks and metaverse projects before investing, many of these are scams.

It’s better to be holding stable coins in this market sell off and only a few fundamentally sound projects.


Rapid fire

Crypto investors lost over $2.8 billion to ‘rug pulls’. That represented 37% of the over $7.7 billion in illicit profits from cryptos cams this year. One such recent rug pull was at Candela Coin, the solar power blockchain project. The founder did a runner, briefly raising his chubby little face to complain of a hack and then disappearing again when investors turned up the heat. You can read the full story of this classic rug pull below.

BitMart the crypto exchange was hacked, looting the exchange of $150 million of mainly second rate tokens.

It has been claimed that once women start buying and using crypto in a similar vein to men crypto will have reached mass adoption. Some claim we are there now. However, depending on the view you take, the signs are positive. Australia for instance, where adoption is already high, has seen women holding crypto double in 2021.

Shiba Inu, the memecoin inspired by Dogecoin and Elon Musk, saw its market cap rise to the point where it became the 13th most valuable cryptocurrency briefly overtaking Dogecoin. At a valuation of $16 billion we have to ask ourselves, has the market correction got further to go?

Decentralized exchanges are often seen as an effective way of protecting your privacy. But don’t be so sure. Many of the biggest ones are tracking their users’ trades and collecting data that could be used to identify them. Uniswap admits it is in cahoots with analytics companies to do exactly that, a shocker for most of us!

Many countries are clamping down on the use of crypto. Turkey is next on the cards. However there are countries which are crypto friendly. These are the top nine. Antigua, Canada, El Salvador, Germany, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Singapore and The British Virgin Islands.

Binance Coin was the best performer of the three top cryptocurrencies of 2021 rising by 1344%. The adoption of Binance’s smart chain was partly the reason for this phenomenal rise. It is now the place to find innovative exciting projects which was definitely not the case only a few months ago.

Developments at CryptoQuestion

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Moonshot TV going strong

Last month our very own Moonshot launched his new show, Moonshot Weekly. This is a weekly show where he reveals one new moonshot every week. The focus is on micro cap cryptocurrencies which he feels have the best potential for massive growth.

Listen to this week’s show and discover what he believes to bw a grossly undervalued cryptocurrency which continues to ink partnerships building its position in the digital identity space. With a fully diluted valuation of only $ Identity is well worth further investigation.


Inside Track podcasts

We continue to build our library of interesting content from emerging projects and technologies in the blockchain space. Inside Track is the best way to learn about cryptocurrency from experts in the field as well as discover emerging projects from NFTs to DeFi, from memecoins to launchpads.

This month we produced the following Inside Track podcasts;

Stoke – Listen to the inside track on STOKR here and get an alternative view on the future of the ICO particularly with the threat of encroaching regulation.

SPIN – Get the inside track on the blockchain based ‘no loss’ lottery. Invest as little as 0.01 BNB to participate.

Coinrule – Find out how automated crypto trading works from the co-founder of Coinrule, one of the leading players in the trading bots market.

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Articles and Reports

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Investment Opportunities in the Metaverse – Exploring the metaverse, buying virtual land and identifying crypto moonshots

The Rug Pull – A True Story – The true story of how a crypto entrepreneur skipped town with investors’ money in a classic rug pull.

Crypto Moonshots for 2022 – Promising moosnots selected by the crypto community. Last year the community’s picks achieved a massive 790% increase. Let’s see what cryptos the community is tipping for big things in 2022.

Monthly Moonshot Portfolio

A diversified portfolio of twenty potential crypto moonshots.

It was a tough month for our portfolio which took a 55% hit, however it was still up 283% for the year demonstrating the value of a diversified portfolio when you are hit with a sidewinder like we were this month!

Read the full analysis here.

The Launch of the Moonshot Incubator

WANTED: Advisors, Mentors and Investors

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You will need to be experienced in the crypto market and willing to invest risk capital into the projects which we present to you assuming you find them enticing of course.

You will get to see investments early and have an opportunity to invest in the project prior to a listing.

For Advisors, Mentors and Investors

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For Crypto Entrepreneurs

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Happy New Year and may 2022 bring you happiness and wealth!

Team CryptoQuestion

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