The development team’s history of success : altcoin

The development team’s history of success : altcoin


Those acquainted with the crypto sector know that a product’s or platform’s reputation is a critical component to consider when considering its feasibility. As a result, it’s a good idea to figure out who the project’s main contributors are and what their track records are. Due to their determination to remain anonymous, it may be hard to uncover information about the members of the development team. In these circumstances, you might base your study on the team’s design decisions, particularly tokenomics.

The token distribution of cryptocurrencies is referred to as tokenomics. Be aware of meme currencies that have a single entity controlling a large chunk of the whole supply. If a significant token holder decides to dump (sell out) their coins, the value of such digital assets is likely to plummet. As a result, it’s best to choose a meme currency with a circulating supply that isn’t concentrated among a small number of investors.MononokeInu for example is not the one coin in which a couple of investors participate. They have strong community and they are very potential, you should check it out if you like to invest in dogs coins.


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