The DRIP Network, Passive Income with Huge Growth Potential and how to get started! : altcoin

The DRIP Network, Passive Income with Huge Growth Potential and how to get started! : altcoin


As a reminder to everyone, please only invest what you are willing/ and ok with losing.

BUDDY ADDRESS – 0x4Fb2dB732fD217B2D75d78cD3940D86D75a5b159

For those looking for a project that could potentially bring in life changing passive income, please looking into the DRIP network. The concept is relatively simple. Earn 1% daily on whatever you deposit into the program (initial deposit cannot be reclaimed) with the added benefit of being able to recompound that 1% right back into your deposit. This turns a yearlong growth of 365% into 3678% APY. Just to give you an idea of what that means. If prices remain constant (which is never guaranteed), a $1000 investment would be worth $37783.43. Your investment would then get paid out in 3 days starting the next year!

  • Albert Einstein once described compound interest as the “eighth wonder of the world,” saying, “he who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays for it.”

If this sounds interesting to you, please follow the steps below to get you started!

  1. The first thing you will need is the crypto coin BNB (as DRIP is on the BNB blockchain). There are a few exchanges you can do this on, but I’d suggest you buy some BNB from either ( , ( or Kucoin ( …with a slight preference towards and Kucoin.

  2. Next you will need a Metamask to act as the third party between your exchange and the DRIP network. Send your BNB to your Metamask wallet (

  1. Now hopefully your BNB has been added to your Metamask, and it is now visible. If so, we’re ready to exchange BNB for DRIP. Go to the DRIP fountain page (

  2. Change slippage tolerance to 1% and swap your BNB for DRIP (make sure to leave .01 BNB or so for fees)

  3. Go to the faucet page

  4. Enter a buddy address – 0x4Fb2dB732fD217B2D75d78cD3940D86D75a5b159

  5. Go up to “Deposit” and deposit all your drip (please note, what you deposit into the faucet is now gone. You can NOT withdraw this. But worry not!)

  6. To maximize your compound interest, HYDRATE (recompound) your 1% daily back into your deposit. This will turn a 365% APY growth throughout the year, to 3678% APY!!!

  7. Go to and calculate when to schedule your first Hydrate!

  8. Come up with a plan on how to best grow your investment, as well as pull passive income!

BUDDY ADDRESS – 0x4Fb2dB732fD217B2D75d78cD3940D86D75a5b159


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