The EuroSwap Token Sale – the ‘Bridge’ between the Euro and Crypto

The EuroSwap Token Sale – the ‘Bridge’ between the Euro and Crypto


The European Central Bank is preparing to issue the digital euro. Sociological surveys by Deutsche Bundesbank have shown that 13% of Germans are waiting for the launch of the crypto euro. Roughly the same statistics apply throughout Europe. Parliament now needs to popularize cryptocurrency in Europe for the digital euro to be effective. In turn, the independent project EuroSwap has already begun to build a “Bridge” between the euro and crypto.

Fabio Panetta – an executive board member of the European Central Bank stated:

“For this to come about, a large share of the population would need to use the digital euro on a regular basis. It would not be necessary for them to use the digital Euro for most of their day-to-day payments.”

The biggest problem with the lack of popularity of crypto in Europe is a banal misunderstanding of the technology. The more Europeans learn to use cryptocurrency now, the higher the popularity of the digital euro will be at the time of its launch.

Therefore, the Austrian developers launched a project that will provoke a crypto boom in Europe. This project is called EuroSwap – European Deсentral Crypto Exchange (EDEX). A few days after the launch of the EDEX token sale, this news is already in the Top of many crypto news and communities.

EuroSwap attracts investors primarily by allowing them to buy and sell crypto for euros on a fully decentralized exchange. Investors who take part in the early sale understand that EDEX tokens have much more potential than the “kitchen” tokens of PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, BurgerSwap and others. Because here the developers reveal the potential of the continental exchange for its intended purpose, and EuroSwap is also an unofficial partner of the global European crypto initiative and even the ECB.

In addition, according to the developers, their main partner in the creation of the fiat euro gateway will be VISA. And all this attracts crypto investors to fill their portfolio with EDEX tokens, which is why such a stir around the project has arisen.

How to get the opportunity to buy EDEX token on the current Priority Session?

The current phase of the token sale is the Priority Session, where buyers receive the largest benefits in terms of both price and service. For example, these early investors receive personalized support, which will be deprived of buyers who come to the project after the Priority Session. You also get the opportunity to buy 1 EDEX at a price of 0.01 EUR (0.0116 BUSD).

This price will be relevant until November 20, after which it will grow in X2. In total, the total emission of EuroSwap is 746,000,000 EDEX, which is equal to the number of all inhabitants of Europe. That is, potentially every European can own at least one EuroSwap token. You can participate in the early sale of EDEX tokens on the official website or with the help of a manager in the official Telegram bot.

The EDEX token is backed by the capitalization of the project in the digital market, as well as the mechanisms for earning the Decentralized Exchange – EuroSwap will primarily earn 0.03% commissions from each transaction in cryptocurrency and 0.8% when trading cryptocurrency with fiat euro. Thus, the project becomes profitable, and its capitalization grows with the development of the product and the general vector of Europe towards crypto.

EDEX grants its holders the right to own shares of intellectual and commercial property in the European Decentral Crypto Exchange project. This means that when you buy EDEX, you are buying a digital bond that guarantees your ownership and profit sharing for EuroSwap.

Follow the EuroSwap project updates on the official community channels in social networks Telegram and Twitter.


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