Things You Should Know About The P2E Project

Things You Should Know About The P2E Project


The Critterz NFT collection comes as a glimmer of hope and excitement for all the P2E enthusiasts. As the likes of Enjin, Microsoft and DIGITALAX start creating some waves in the Minecraft-oriented NFT market, Critterz can play a major role here, as well. Launched in 2021, the Critterz NFT collection is specifically built for Minecraft players and enthusiasts alike.

With the founders, Emerson Hseih, and two other collaborators, of Critterz themselves being avid Minecraft regulars, we can expect some very bespoke experience for the NFT as well as Minecraft players.

So, what does the entire Critterz NFT project include? Moreover, what is there to expect from it down the line? Let’s find out.

Things You Should Know About The Critterz NFT Project

The Background

The Critterz NFT project has some prominent names behind it.

The founder of the project is Emerson Hseih who has a decent background. He has founded Palifer and has been involved in a list of other startups through Y Combinator. The same lies true for the other collaborators on the Critterz NFT project, all of whom have been involved in building one or the other forms of startups.

Their love for building startups in the tech space and an unequivocal enthusiasm for Minecraft and NFTs made them come up with the Critterz NFT project.

On the official Critterz NFT, the statement mentions that the founders of the project were inspired by the idea of an in-game currency. Hence, with a competitive background and the rise of the Metaverse, Critterz seems to be a bullish project.

Introduction To Critterz NFT

The Critterz NFT project is the first fully on-chain NFT that enables P2E on Minecraft. Critterz is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Its concept and functioning are actually quite simple. One can stake their Critterz NFT to generate $BLOCKs in-game and then use those $BLOCKs to purchase plots in Minecraft.

  • Apart from the functionalities, there are a set of features that come along with Critterz.
  • Critterz NFT is fully on-chain NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain, making them extremely stable and secure.
  • One can also stake to access an entirely exclusive Minecraft world.
  • Generate $BLOCK tokens when you play Minecraft
  • The users can further use these $BLOCKs to claim plots of land in Minecraft as ERC721 NFTs.
  • A user who buys a Plot using Critterz can further trade it on the NFT marketplaces as well.
  • In case, your Critterz are unused, you can further rent it to other players, and receive a share of their generated $BLOCKs.

As many NFT projects look towards a P2E feature to be included in their collection, Critterz can certainly be one of the places you can start from.

The NFTs: Traits & Types

There are 4,096 Critterz NFTs that are supplied and are stored fully on-chain. The completely on-chain model allows the NFTs to be stored directly on the Ethereum blockchain, removing the volatility and other external factors involved with third-party servers.

With each Critterz NFT, the buyer gets a 64 by 64-pixel art that wraps around a 3D Minecraft model of a character from the game. The pixel art is rendered as a 20 by 40-pixel art that showcases the view from the front of the Critter in question.

Critterz are mainly of six types, namely, Frog, Doge, Cat, Mouse, Ape, and Alien. All six of these Critterz, just like any other NFT project, have different placements for facial features, like the eyes or mouth.

The traits for every Critter are customized in accordance with its character and Critter type. Adding to the list of personalization features, you can also spawn your Critter with hats, shirts, pants, and more. Hence, every Critter is different from one another, adding to the rarity of every owned Critter.

Staking Your Critterz

You can stake your Critterz NFT as well. After you’ve bought yourself one of the Critters, staking them will unlock a series of opportunities and options for you. Staking unlocks a series of unique functionalities for a Critters owner, such as access to a unique Minecraft world, generating $BLOCKs using in-game playtime, and renting out your unused Critterz as well.

The ‘Mint & stake’ option allows you to stake your NFT while helping you save on gas fees. Moreover, the users who decide to stake their Critterz are provided access to a unique token, sCritter (staked Critter). A sCritter token allows the users to rent out their unused Critterz.

Critterz & Minecraft

The players can join the exclusive Minecraft Critterz server. As the users join the server, players are asked to type/verify in the chat and open the in-game link. The link asks players to connect to one of the NFT wallets, i.e. Metamask as of now. After this step, the user is connected and enters the Minecraft world of Critterz.

While the server is open to every user, the main world is exclusively available to players with at least one staked and verified sCritter and generates in-game $Block coins while playing and increasing their in-game time.

A legitimate version of Minecraft 1.18 Java edition is one of the prerequisites for anyone to enter and play.

The main Minecraft Critterz world has a list of features that a player can explore. Players can build or destroy any piece of unclaimed plot in the main survival world. So, as soon as a user sees an unclaimed plot, they can collect and optimize the resources for their own good. Furthermore, players can also teleport to other spawns and look out for any unclaimed plot on the map.

To make the entry into the main world more accessible, Critterz also allows users who have bought a plot from a secondary marketplace to enter the main survival world. Although, since the user won’t have a sCritter, they cannot generate $BLOCKs with their in-game time. Another alternative to entering the main world is by renting a staked Critter, where 2/3rds of the $BLOCKs generated go to the tenant while the 1/3rds goes to the owner.

The access to the rented Critter is for a minimum of seven days, on completion of which, the owner can revoke the access to the same.

Conclusion: What’s Next For The Critterz NFT Project?

According to OpenSea, there are around 3.8k Genesis Critterz as of now (31st December 2021), with a floor price of 0.379 ETH. Adding to the list, there are 2.8k Staked Critterz or sCritter available as well.

As Critterz develops and adds more and more functionalities, there’s hope that this Metaversal NFT collaboration can hit right with the correct audience, i.e. Minecrafters.

With Enjin, already in the NFT game and other projects developing gradually, the Minecraft-oriented NFT projects are in the limelight with the crypto enthusiasts and the ga,e enthusiasts equally.


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