This idea could be a breakthrough in chat platforms. : altcoin

The internet’s basic feature is messaging. It was considered the “killer app” of the internet. It allowed anyone in the world to communicate quickly and for free with anyone else on the globe. Every day, billions of people chat online. Crypto’s most important characteristic is its ability to make payments. It’s been dubbed “crypto’s killer app.” It allows anyone to pay anyone, anywhere in the globe, immediately and at very minimal rates. Every day, billions of people use cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services. Do you see the parallels here? Why aren’t both of those notions available at the same time? Do you send messages to the persons or companies you pay? It is something that everyone does. Despite this, no payment system has yet been successfully combined with a chat app. Venmo and Facebook, PayPal and WhatsApp, and so on are just a few examples. It would be far safer if we had a blockchain-based initiative that included chat and payments. I looked for projects that have that feature, or something comparable to it. There were just two of them: status and crypter. I tried both and, to be honest, Crypter’s features make it more appealing. They have similar beliefs, and I believe this is the answer to the problem. Leave your ideas in the comments section; I’d love to hear what you have to say. Here’s the link to CoinGecko for this platform I use. Go check them out:

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