This week’s Micro Cap Watch List : altcoin

This week’s Micro Cap Watch List : altcoin


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The market is practically unchanged from last week but the swings in between have been wild to say the least. The Fear and Greed Index is in ‘fear’ mode which is not surprising when the general feeling is, we are walking a tightrope. The good news is any fall is not going to be a significant one, at least in our opinion anyway. However as this week’s Micro Cap Watch List demonstrates just because the market is in turmoil doesn’t mean there aren’t hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

The biggest winners were:

Catchy +275%

Energy Ledger +57%

CertiK +30%

And the losers:

Uno Re -24%

Bridge Mutual -20%

Haven -20%

Mysterium -20%


Catchy, the crypto wallet tracker, saw a significant jump in its token’s value from a low base. With a market cap still only $1.4 million this project is massively undervalued in our opinion.

CertiK was the recipient of another round of VC funding which saw its token benefit to the tune of 30%.

Among the losers were our two decentralized insurance picks which saw profit taking from a strong run.

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Catchy is a project that can truly be described as undervalued and undiscovered. Unlike many projects of its size it has an operating platform that is already gaining traction and rave reviews.

Since this show went live the project has already seen its token price increase 3 fold, but according to Moonshot there is further to go.

For the sake of full disclosure we are both users of the Catchy wallet tracker and investors in their token.

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Articles and reports

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