This week’s Micro Cap Watch List : altcoin

This week’s Micro Cap Watch List : altcoin


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It was another tough week in the crypto markets with sentiment returning to Extreme Fear and the market falling by 15% over the last 7 days. Our own Micro Cap Watch List saw mixed results with an absence of ‘Greed’ and an abundance of ‘Fear’ among our list.

It has to be said that the market weakness shows no sign of abating. That makes picking winners virtually impossible in the short term. To counter this negative sentiment we must continue to buy on weakness and hold our favorite projects until the market turns. The time will come, but the flight must be to quality. That buy and hold approach is not going to work with overvalued memecoins and projects with no fundamentals and users. Avoid new projects that have anonymous teams and triple check OHM forks and metaverse projects before investing, many of these are scams.

It’s better to be holding stable coins in this market sell off and only a few fundamentally sound projects.

The winners this week were:

Sylo +28%

Handshake +8%

Rarible +7%

The main losers this week were:

Energy Ledger -47%

Haven -35%

Uno Re -24%

View this week’s Micro Cap Watch List here

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The launch of the Moonshot Incubator

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