This week’s Micro Cap Watch List : altcoin

This week’s Micro Cap Watch List : altcoin


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The market took a hit this week dropping by nearly 13%, 5% of that fall happening in the last 24 hours. However by the time you read this there will no doubt have been another notable market movement. And that is why our general rule is to focus on the micro not the macro. Focus on what you can control – or at least have some element of control over!

Our list saw every one of our selected cryptocurrencies apart from three in negative territory with most seeing at least 20% wiped off their market value. It was not a pretty site!

The week’s winners were:

Lunch Money +38%

Faceter +13%

DAPS +7%

And the biggest losers:

Rarible -35%

Bridge Mutual -33%

Hybrix -29%

Handshake – 27%

We didn’t add any tokens this week although we have at least one lined up for you next week due diligence depending.

We removed two projects this week, Alpaca and Polkerstarter. We believe Alpaca doesn’t offer anything different to the many operators in this market. We are also nervous about the SEC and state regulators targeting this space. For the same reason we have removed Polkerstarter. It is only a matter of time before the SEC targets the launchpad model and Polkerstarter will be at the top of their list.

View this week’s Micro Cap Watch List here

Other goings on and happenings


We published the first in a series of monthly reports reviewing new listings in the last 30 days. We studied 500 projects and reduced this down to 9 cryptocurrencies that look interesting and 3 that are potential moonshots.

You can read the report here:

Newly listed cryptos with moonshot potential

Staking and Yield Farming Review

This week we provided our assessment of the latest news from the DeFi space and how that is likely to affect staking and farming platforms. With Uniswap under investigation, Celsius under fire with a Cease and Desist order with more coming and Coinbase backing out of the lending market there is a lot to talk about.

You can also view this week’s list of APRs from leading platforms and our Review here. Remember this is a list of the highest APR from the given platform.


Inside Track

This week we released a podcast from Petrachor, the exciting smart chain platform.

Petrachor price, PTA chart, market cap, and info | CoinGecko

Petrachor can be described as a secure and scalable digital asset platform, empowering a decentralized Internet experience. Its light-weight architecture can run from a phone, tablet, or desktop. Petrachor uses 100% original code for the Ariel Protocol; a resource efficient and censorship resistant Proof of Stake consensus. Millions of nodes can actively participate in mining, which eliminates the need for mining pools, and provides optimal security.

The founder of Petrachor discusses all things blockchain from the prospects of Cardano and Solana to the pitfalls of Binance Smart Chain to the challenges facing Ethereum.

This podcast is a must listen for anyone interested in getting a low down on the current state of the blockchain ecosystem and to discover one of the new kids on the block.

Moonshot Monday

This week’s podcast featured four projects; Two possible moonshots and two projects we wouldn’t touch with our trusted 7 foot barge pole.

Listen to our podcasts here.

That’s it for another week.

Enjoy your weekend.

Team CryptoQuestion


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