Trading and Gaming on Your Mobile

Trading and Gaming on Your Mobile


Historically if you wanted to trade, you were chained to your desktop computer, unable to even visit the bathroom for fear of missing an essential market movement.

Today, things have changed for the better. Whether you’re trading or playing games, it’s now possible to access everything you need from the screen of your mobile phone without sacrificing quality.

Some exchanges are better optimised for mobile viewing than others. We take a closer look at the best options for mobile use.

Crypto Platforms for Play

An increasing number of casinos have moved to include the use of crypto, allowing the use of blockchain technology and digital funds as a source for play. However, the move is still in its infancy, and many casinos are still not properly set up for cryptocurrency payments.

FunFair is a network that offers players the chance to access casino games via Ethereum blockchain technology. But FunFair isn’t actually a casino; it’s a platform that can be licensed to create mobile casino gaming platforms which are entirely set-up for crypto. Gameplay is fast, there are low fees, and it’s easy to navigate, unlike some other casinos that accept crypto funds.

Despite being fully functional, it’s still a work in progress in many ways, and improvements are being continuously made. Nevertheless, it still provides an excellent solution for players hoping to find a crypto casino for mobile play, especially as all transactions are carried out using FUN tokens and not conventional currencies.

Best Mobile App for Trading Crypto

There have been lots of suggestions flying around the internet about the best way to trade crypto. Binance is one that’s well-known, and there are many good reasons why it’s so popular. However, it’s not as easy to set up an account on a mobile, and there are better apps for mobile crypto trading.

Bitfinex is an excellent app for crypto trading on mobiles with top-notch apps for both iOS and Android. They are #1 for BTC/USD trading, and they can cope with a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including ethereum, bitcoin, ripple, NEO, DASH, Monero, QTUM and many more.

Another big benefit is the guarantee for liquidation. No matter how much you want to shift, you’ll be able to liquidate your assets rapidly, even for large trades.

An Alternative Crypto Mobile Trading App

If you don’t love the look of Bitfinex, another one to try out is CEX. They were one of the first platforms to allow the purchase of crypto using a regular credit/debit card, and their whole design is deliberately intended to make it easy to trade on mobile.

Like Bitfinex, they have fantastic apps for both iOS and Android, offering full trading functionality directly from your mobile. It doesn’t offer the same huge range of cryptocurrencies that Bitfinex has, but all the main ones are included, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, BCH, XRP and ZEC.

You can trade, withdraw money and deposit funds directly from the mobile app. It’s one of the most intuitive apps around for trading on a mobile, giving you genuine options to get into the crypto market easily.


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