Trava 3M Market Cap NFT Giveaway : altcoin

🎄 Christmas is coming to town! 🎄

🔥To celebrate the Christmas event and send the big thanks to Loyal Knights for supporting them in 2021, they will launch Christmas Exclusive Events, including Top holders Appreciation Gifts and Limited Edition of Trava Knight NFTs.

🏹In the Appreciation Gifts, we will give away 550 Trava Armoury Chests to top 100 TRAVA holders, calculating both $TRAVA held in wallets and $TRAVA in the staking vaults on both Binance Smart Chain and Fantom Network.

⚔️In addition, there will be a Limited Edition of Trava Knight NFT to welcome all members to buy it.

📌We will start record from now. More details will be announced later in our next announcement.

About TRAVA:

CA: 0x0391be54e72f7e001f6bbc331777710b4f2999ef

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