US ‘Kidnapped’ Russian Crypto bourgeois Denis Dubnikov, lawyer Says

US ‘Kidnapped’ Russian Crypto bourgeois Denis Dubnikov, lawyer Says


U.S. enforcement agents have “kidnapped” crypto businessperson Denis Dubnikov in Mexico, before transferring him to Holland wherever he was inactive, his attorney told Russian media. Dubnikov is suspected of money laundering and faces up to twenty years in jail if extradited to the U.S.

FBI Accused of Kidnapping Russian national With Cryptocurrency Business

The U.S. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has “practically kidnapped ” Russian national Denis Dubnikov in the United States, later inactive in Amsterdam on November 1, his attorney Arkady Bukh alleged, while speaking to Sputnik. The co-founder of crypto mercantilism platforms Coyote Crypto and Exchange was in initial control at the airdrome in Mexico City whereas on vacation he boarded a flight to Holland wherever he was detained by Dutch authorities. The lawyer explained:

Mexico has not let him enter the country. The U.S. intelligence services have placed him on a plane to Holland and sent him there having purchased his price ticket. In alternative words, he was abducted if truth be told.

According to Bukh’s description of the events, Dubnikov was expelled from the Mexico  as a result of the country’s surrender policy isn’t as “ideal” as that of the European nation. “They have bought a price ticket, in alternative words, they need if truth be told abducted him and sent him to Holland as a result of surrender from Holland is if truth be told secure,” the attorney warned.

The personal representative additionally unconcealed that the Russian national is presently in control in a very Dutch jail and noted that the defense expects his surrender to the U.S. Denis Dubnikov has been defendant of conspiracy to commit concealing through wallets operated by his crypto businesses and will go about to twenty years in jail within the U.S., Arkady Bukh elaborate, adding:

So far, we tend to don’t agree to surrender, however we’ll most likely offer our consent later as a result of Holland being a country where the fight against surrender is statistically nonsensical. We tend to square measure studying: perhaps it’s price agreeing to a fast surrender and sorting it out here.

Dubnikov’s Arrest coupled to Ryuk Ransomware Group

According to the satellite report, Dubnikov’s detention is among the primary arrests within the case against the Ryuk cluster that is coupled to ransomware attacks on hospitals within the U.S. Authorities there believe Dubnikov has received many thousands of greenbacks in bitcoin, some of that was allegedly obtained through Ryuk ransomware strikes.

Denis Dubnikov isn’t the primary Russian national with a cryptocurrency business detained for questioning by the U.S. In 2017, IT specialist Alexander Vinnik was inactive in Balkan country throughout a visit together with his family. Yank prosecutors claim Vinnik, associate alleged operator of the ill-famed BTC-e, has laundered up to $9 billion through the now-defunct exchange. He was later extradited to France and sentenced to 5 years in jail for concealing. In May, a French court rejected an associate surrender request from Moscow.

The news of Dubnikov’s arrest came when a Bloomberg report disclosed that his Eggchange is being investigated for concealing in Europe and therefore the u. s.. The U.S. has been targeting alternative Russian crypto platforms lately, supporting similar accusations.

In sept. , the United States Treasury blacklisted Suex, a Czech-registered crypto broker in operation out of offices in Russia and suspected of processing many countless greenbacks in crypto transactions associated with scams, darknet markets, and ransomware actors like Ryuk. This week, the department sanctioned Chatex, a crypto exchange larva coupled to Suex, likewise as 2 alternative ransomware operators.

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