Very bullish : altcoin

Very bullish : altcoin


⚡️The BUSD Thunder Boost ( STARTED!

💰💰💰💰💰For the first time in History, you can see both Deposited token & Earning token growing together before your eyes.

🚀Earn Thoreum Static Rewards + BUSD Farming Rewards in a Single Vault.

🚀Stake Thoreum in Thunder Boost , and witness both your staked Thoreum & rewarded BUSD growing together!

💰Maximum deposit: 200,000,000 Thoreum (this limit can be changed in the future)

⏰Time start: 19:30 GMT 28th Jun 2021.

⏰Time till end: 14 days.

❎Fee: 0 deposit fee, 0 transfer fee, 0 withdrawal fee (you still have to pay Binance the BNB needed for each transaction)

❎Time lock: 0 harvest lock, 0 withdrawal lock

Avaiable for the 1st time in the whole defi space, only on

You can be very proud to be a Thoreum holders and together we will make history!



Thoreum passed 3 audits without major errors.

Thoreum as Safemoon 2.0

When users transfer THOREUM, a 10% tax fee is applied to each transaction. Of which, 2% is redistributed to existing THOREUM holders. In a nutshell, those who decide to hold their THOREUM are rewarded by those who decide to sell. This mechanism is intended to encourage holders and discourage pump-and-dump traders.

The purpose of Thoreum is to be the world’s first true hyper deflationary token, which would be the best coin for simply holding. Those who hold earn 2% rewards on every transaction. Furthermore, 8% of every transaction goes into a Thoreum contract, which then gets used to buy BNB. Every sell of 1,000+ tokens on the market, the stored BNB will be used to buy and burn THOREUM from the market. In addition, every time the transfer tax total exceeds 990,000 THOREUM, the contract will sell the tokens for BNB, and add that BNB to the contract. However, this number can change based on the price of THOREUM.  Again, this BNB will be used to buy back THOREUM from the market. This entire process has three effects:

  • It reduces the total supply of THOREUM

  • It adds BNB to the liquidity pool

  • It has an immediate effect on the price of THOREUM

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