WebDollar, the currency of the internet

WebDollar, the currency of the internet


WEBD benefits: Fast and secure Blockchain, meaning that your funds are safe all the time

Cheap transactions allowing you to transfer money anywhere anytime almost free

Proof of stake allows you to make up to 7% APY on your investment. Money makes money 🤑💰

No need for expensive equipment meaning that all your investment actually goes into your wallet directly and earns you more money 💰

DAO project run by community away from any direct political control by governments or politicians

Halving every two years, making it more scarce each year and also more valuable – growing the value of your bag by default

No lockup on staked funds meaning full time access to your funds all the time everyday. Transfer whenever you need to, no penalty! 🔨

Browser mining, no app or installation needed meaning that it's accessible to anyone with a smart phone or computer 💻

Browser usability also makes it possible to stake on your phone 📱🤳

Get started in seconds!


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