Welcome to METAAIR, Your own Ever-Evolving Virtual World. From 3D world and NFTs to being the best virtual land buying and selling platform, make your own future world. : altcoin

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METAAIR is a blockchain decentralised platform based on Binance which is going to bridge with other Defi in this digital financial modern world. Imperial Coin network is designed as a high performance to provide many services in 1 platform. Imperial Coin will be a whole ecosystem that has the following features like Staking, Launchpad, Defi and community focused. Staking will allow users to earn yield in the form of an METAAIR. We are revolutionising the market with a more open, accessible, and fair global financial system with a decentralised Blockchainpowered crypto ecosystem. METAAIR is also going to launch its launchpad where people can launch their coins to raise capital for investment. it fills the gap between investors & fundraisers. we’re reinventing the market by creating a more open, accessible, and fair global financial system. Unlike other traditional platforms, Our ecosystem allows users to track their crypto-assets and send/receive messages to increase the value of their crypto-assets.

🔸Huge marketing campaign started

🔸MetaAir Exclusive Merchandise sale will be live on 18th March

🔸 NFT marketplace on 20th March or earlier

🔸 NFT sale within 24-48 hours once marketplace go live

🔸 PLAY2EARN game date TBA (Early/mid April)

Land Sale and Metaverse are respectively after first initial game.

Through our huge marketing campaign, collaborations and partnerships. These collaborations and partnerships are coming anytime now.



3% BNB Rewards

3% Marketing

2% Buy Back

2% Development

1% Liquidity

1% Team


Website: https://metaaircoin.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/metaaircoin?s=21

Telegram: https://t.me/metaair

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