What AltCoin do you believe is perfect to be an early investor and get financial freedom? Explain why? Please real projects only and not shilling spam projects that are on the market for 1-6 weeks and then rugpull their holders. We want to share useful information to new investors. Thank you : altcoin

The Cats are coming 🐱 $MEOW

Feel free to visit us on Telegram https://t.me/catjamtoken

About Catjam Token Catjam is a community-driven original meme coin with good vibes that will be launched on the Cardano blockchain. Fill the form on the website to qualify for the new token airdrop. The most active members of our community on Telegram, Discord, Twitter and Reddit get slightly more tokens as a bonus. After the migration, we will do “The Great Giveawaykening” airdrop where 10% of the entire 1 trillion Cardano Catjam token supply will be distributed among all holders, according to their stake in the token.

Catjam token is helping cats in need worldwide by donating to charities and cat shelters. One of the most exciting projects on the roadmap is the Catjam wallet with Foster Cats NFT’s – Collectible, dynamic NFT’s of real cats in shelters who have been rescued, complete with their personal story and characteristics, and the chance to support these beloved felines by buying their NFT’s.



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