What are the Reasons for the Unexpected Price Spike Of $Crypton? : altcoin

What are the Reasons for the Unexpected Price Spike Of $Crypton? : altcoin



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$Crypton achieved a remarkable rise recently. On Octobers 26 this year, from a price range of $0.1651 it started to move up and achieved its all-time highs just this November 8 at $1.3534. A staggering 820% increase in just 2 weeks, Making it a headlines today in its community.

$Crypton’s recent gains are being driven possibly for some several reasons;

P2PB2B exchange listing – Utopia just added recently a new exchange to trade $Crypton on October 25, which prompted the price to started to move up the day after.

New Utopia Users – in correlation to the recent listing in P2PB2B exchange, it is expected to have more consumers to use Utopia P2P which further increase its mass adoption and drives the price up.

The Demand for Utopia Mobile App – as new users increased, this triggered the developers of Utopia the reason to hasten its most anticipated mobile application to materialize. Utopia team has not yet released an official statement of its final date for the launch of their mobile application. As the community grows, Speculations had, that it will be available before end of this year.

Blockchain Economy Expo Sponsor – utopia is one of the sponsors for the blockchain economy expo event this coming November 14-15, 2021 in Dubai exhibition center. This will be the first blockchain exhibition in the “World Expo” history. The world expo is being held for 170 years and for the 1st time, blockchain will be introduced to the world at the same level as countries, international organizations and other traditional businesses. Through this event, it will aid utopia’s exposure to more consumers.

$Crypton is the monetary unit and digital currency of the Utopia P2P ecosystem. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency where transactions are instant, irreversible, and completely untraceable.

Utopia P2P ecosystem is anonymity, and censorship-free driven project designed for secure communication, anonymous payments and truly free Internet without borders. Total surveillance, information flow control, and official deceptions are exactly what Utopia is intended to prevent. User physical location cannot be revealed. Communication and data cannot be intercepted and read by a 3rd party. All account data is stored on Utopia user’s local device in an encrypted file.

The market community will start to notice more about $Crypton as the community grows and the project strengthened. With its recent spike, they are now ready for international adaptation. In the months to come, with new consumers making its move in using Utopia P2P, $Crypton will play huge part in the market.


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