What do you think about nodes in ETH blockchain? : altcoin

I’ve heard of nodes and the way that they are implemented in ETH blockchain, but I’m interested in it as an investment strategy. As the gas fees are rising up, I’m not sure if it is a good time to invest in nodes. For those who don’t know, an operating piece of client software is referred to as a “”node.”” A client is an Ethereum implementation that validates all transactions in each block, ensuring that the network is safe and that the data is correct. In practice, you buy a node for some amount of the coin whose node you are holding ( example: Strong Inu node costs 500k (~ 800$) Strong Inu tokens ), and then as the node is serving its purpose you get rewarded daily ( again, for example, you would get 10k (~ 16$) Strong Inu coins a day ). What’s your opinion on this? Is it a good investment now, or should I wait for ETH 2.0 assuming that the gas prices will go down, and this investment will be much safer? Write your opinions in the comments below the post!

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