WhiteBit listing coming today! MIRAI, changing the way reflections work. A token which rewards user engagement and promotes long term sustainability for holders while offering unique anti-whale mechanisms. Use MIRAI to purchase sustainable products/ NFTs on Savethefuture.finance: Coming soon! : altcoin

Check out this genuinely amazing project .Mirai’s long term goal is not based around memes, it’s based around utility, sustainability, and long term engagement from its holders.
$MIRAI rewards holders in reflections, but not in the normal fashion. The tokenomics aims at preventing whales from accumulating reflections and selling them off, slowly driving down the token price. Instead of reflections from the LP, holders earn a second token ($NALA) which rewards them via engagement.
The $NALA token allows holders of MIRAI to buy sustainable products from the store at a discount and with free shipping, while also offering exclusive access to competitions and other utilities. $MIRAI itself can be also staked into new projects and reward investors with NFTs. $MIRAI is built around rewarding holders and helping sustain a new NFT marketplace Savethefuture.finance

To simplify.

You buy $MIRAI, you hold! You get rewarded in $NALA! You use your $NALA to help purchase a Lambo e-bike NFT at a discounted price from Savethefuture. You burn the NFT and have a real Lambo e-bike shipped for free to your address. Or sell the NFT on for yourself.
This project is a game changer for NFTs
Cross chain listings, Five exchanges on the horizon (WhiteBit coming in less then 24 hours), and a major marketing campaign following. This project has been planned and built with the long term in mind and is for sure a sleeper hit. The Development team hasn’t missed a single deadline and with their first major listing almost here, this will be your last time to get in this cheap.

MiraiLabs also got a lot lined up for this December, check it out!

December for $Mirai.
-Teams being added to the marketplace (further introduction of gamerfied user interactivity)
-First listing on a exchange (i’ll give you a hint, it’s WhiteBit)
-$NALA drop and farming incoming
-$MIRAI airdrop
-First partnerships for the DeFi shop/ Product minting announced / waiting list opening
-Second exchange listing
-NFT collection / collaborative artists announcement.



Greenpaper – https://www.savefuturecoin.com/assets/pdf/green-paper-en.pdf ” Abstract- A scalable systems and deflationary economic model, based on authenticating the value of ideas through an extensive, engaged community and their co-creation of innovative projects, which will speed up the transition from a polluting economy to one that is eco-sustainable. A complete ecosystem that, through crypto incentives and decentralized finance tools, supports the birth, creation and acceleration of eco-projects which are capable of raising awareness and decisively improving the environmental conditions of planet Earth without reducing the quality of services or impacting personal lifestyles. “

Purchase now on Pancake swap
Slippage set to 12%

Active on
Discord, https://discord.gg/FXHzw2NB
Reddit, https://www.reddit.com/r/mirailabs
Twitter, https://twitter.com/MiraiLabsExp
Youtube, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVZYFe5Ctl4TMCI9O1sakOA
Medium, https://savefutureprotocol.medium.com/
and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mirailabs.finance/?utm_medium=copy_link

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