xToken Terminal’s upcoming Origination app is the easiest way to launch a token offering or crowdfunding campaign : altcoin

Small to medium sized teams often do not have the resources or internal infrastructure to bootstrap their protocols. There’s a lot of smart contract work, prone to logic or security issues. There’s a lot of UX work, risking a subpar experience for investors and community.

What are the ingredients for bootstrapping a protocol? 1) financing (raising money) and 2) liquidity. Terminal already solves for #2 with the Mining app, which allows any project to permissionlessly spin up a Uni V3 LM campaign in just a few minutes. With the launch of the Origination app, Terminal will make #1 just as easy.

What can you do with Origination? Launch a token offering (any ERC20) in exchange for any other token (ETH/ERC20), with custom cliff/vesting conditions, dynamic pricing formulas, custom allowlists as easy as uploading a CSV, and much more. You and your community/contributors can benefit from the sleek UX of Origination. All claiming, distribution and vesting managed on chain, freeing you from the intimidating process of launching an offering.

Want awareness? Your offering will line up right next to all the other token offering and liquidity mining campaigns on Terminal.

Curious to learn more? We’d love to begin a conversation with you!

Twitter – https://twitter.com/xtokenterminal

Discord – https://discord.gg/buQsFUk4


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