Zuna Coin DD (BSC 12M MC) : altcoin

Zuna Coin DD (BSC 12M MC) : altcoin


Zuna is one of my favorite investment right now… here is some homework for you savvy investors, degenerates, apes, those too lazy to do DD, and those who just haven’t heard of it yet.

CMC Link – ZUNA price today, ZUNA to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

  1. The team of developers are top notch. Doxxed, transparent, and do what they say they will. There is a reason I put this as number one, you generally don’t find this kind of team. The most impressive part is they are fronting their own cash. Marketing and initial liquidity pool funds were paid by the team, no presale, they are full on YOLO into this project. The money used to promote this coin comes from their pocket, not the sale of ZUNA. Developers have no interest in selling ZUNA to make money, and do not have massive holdings, they plan to make money on future platforms (NFT marketplace, exchange, ect.). Don’t believe me? Check out their YouTube channel and AMA videos.

r/altcoin - Zuna Coin DD (BSC 12M MC)


2. Utility and meme combo. Zuna has some amazing projects upcoming, NFT collection is being launched next month which will raise additional funds for marketing. NFT marketplace and an exchange platform coming in the near future as well. The NFT collection is astronaut themed and will offer different “tiers”. This could be huge, having one of the original astronauts NFTs will give rewards plus future rewards when the marketplace is launched. You basically become a part owner of the NFT marketplace.

3. Marketing. Did I mention they are paying for this? Oh yea I did, and they are also awesome at it. Facebook recently changed its policy on crypto advertising and the developers were all over it and started advertising on Facebook. The best part is there is a transparent plan laid out for the upcoming month on what advertisements will take place and this will continue

r/altcoin - Zuna Coin DD (BSC 12M MC)

Dec Marketing Campaign

4. The market cap is roughly 12M….. HUGEEEEEE room for growth. Zuna deployer wallet is to be used for future burns and future exchanges. Do I need to say more? Nice dip from the ATH, so this is a very nice entry IMO, especially with a 100T burn that will happen any day. At 50k holders there will be one more 100T burn.

r/altcoin - Zuna Coin DD (BSC 12M MC)


5. Exchange listings coming soon (1-2 months, seems like January). Exchanges have been pursuing Zuna, no official announcement on which exchange but the Devs are not going to list on any exchange only ones they think will be a wise choice. Zuna is already rocking it on PancakeSwap, imagine when we start reaching more investors

6. 5% of every buy/sell transaction is distributed back to coin holders. This means as you HODL you earn more Zuna. Got diamond hands? Get even more gains. To make it even sweeter the burn address receives these rewards so less Zuna will be in circulation over time, increasingly adding to its value.

I think that’s enough for now. You are welcome and GLTA. If you like/appreciate the info comment below and ill keep this going on other small cap coins that have my attention.


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