Zuna hit their 25k holder milestone burn today. Burning 10% of total supply today. 30% of total supply will have been burnt after this event. : altcoin

There’s so much going on over at Zuna. If you’re not aware, 5% of every transaction is used for reflections to all holders based on the amount of coins each holder has, the burn wallet counting as being a holder means they burn with every transaction. Literally every buy, sell, or transfer burns coin. The larger the burn wallet grows, means more coins being burnt per transaction.

Today they hit their 4th holder count milestone. 100T coin will be burnt, thats 10% of the total supply. This is the 4th burn, over 30% or 300T coin will have been burnt after today meaning the burn wallet will now receive that much more in reflection, effectively burning more and more each time.

This project and group of devs are amazing. Not only are they one of the most hyper deflationary coins on the market, they’re offering partial ownership in their NFT marketplace, Zunaverse.io You’ll really want to check out the ZunaNaut collection as they have potential to be life changing.

Check them out on their website, join telegram and or discord group for all the most recent details.







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